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#AimtecHackathon for spring 2024  


 Join us for a weekend full of technology and innovation!

Spring 2024, Moving Station, Pilsen

 How does #AimtecHackathon look like?


Choose a team, technology, and a project. All you’ve got is 40 hours… and unlimited access to mentors and the internet. Will you join a group, or will you pull out that idea you’ve always had, and create your own team?

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Come and learn what’s shaking up the tech world. A Saturday conference with presentations by startups and by the old hands of an enterprise as well, for everyone from programmers to laymen, from students to parents.

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Not sure where to take your youngest hackers on Sunday? Come and play with them. This school-led workshop will entertain your kids while showing you (parents) what the options are for IT education, and where it can lead.

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Presenters and Mentors

What is the topic of #AimtecHackathon?

A simple hackathon was no longer enough.

Take it further with us and create a project that helps people with disabilities. We set out to combine technology and code to make everyday functioning easier, enhance the senses, and save more time for experiences.

For 2023, we chose the theme When Code Helps.

What did the helping hackathon look like?

We met with actual people who live with disabilities. We looked at what barriers limit them, and that was the brief for the hackathon projects. What was so cool about that? Most of the resulting projects found real-world applications. And right away!  

What They're Saying

Pilsen’s #AimtecHackathon is a great place where I can meet up with enthusiastic peers from my field and touch technologies that you just won’t find every day in the workaday world.
Václav Löffelman, student ZČU

A three-day event in the amazing spaces of Pilsen’s former train station. A great venue, food, presentations, topics, professionalism, mentor field knowledge, helpfulness, relaxation spaces, access to “toys” and to hacking, and a human approach to sales-pitch segments.
Tomáš Kapler, Cleverlance

I’ve already been to #AimtecHackathon twice, and it's simply a superb event, practically unique, and I’ve got to say that right now, Aimtec is the coolest company in Pilsen.
Ondřej Ešler, IntraWorlds s.r.o.

#TechTalks is a pleasant and beneficial event; very good organization.
Luboš Šmídl, Department of Cybernetics, the University of West Bohemia

From the technologies standpoint, the third year has definitely been the best. I was really excited by the Alexa (Amazon Echo), and from the sheer variety of the projects, it was clear that everyone was satisfied. A friendly community gathers around #AimtecHackathon every year; you’d be hard-pressed to find anything like it at any other hackathon.
Martin Brom, a student at the University of West Bohemia

#AimtecHackathon was an exhausting marathon, which we were only able to manage thanks to the support of the organisers. Great organization + food, drinks and all the little things that make up a great whole. I’d rank this hackathon among the very best. Roman Löwinger, Etnetera Activate

A super event, in beautiful industrial spaces, with a great gang of technically oriented people. I really enjoyed the hackathon, and it was also my first, and it fulfilled my initial high expectations in full measure.

Václav Mašek, a student at the University of West Bohemia

What I mainly like about this hackathon is that I always get a chance to try out new technologies that I’d otherwise have a hard time accessing, and I can meet new people. (And I can eat great food too :) )

Pavel Přibáň, a student at the University of West Bohemia

I pushed my abilities and my horizons ahead. I met new people and learned new things. This was my first #AimtecHackathon.

Marek Dlugoš, UX & Product Designer

On Sunday morning, I arrived to see a group of young people hacking a drone. There was a robot walking along next to them, and some boys with VR were creating a warehouse. None of them had slept that night – and that was the second such night. I was beyond myself from the whole event, and I definitely wasn’t alone in that.

Jakub Urbanec, Senior Cyber Defense Researcher, Trend Micro



Moving Station Plzeň


A programming marathon and conference where you have a unique opportunity to get to know pros in the field and other enthusiastic people.


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