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10. 3. 2024, Moving Station Plzeň

Think IT’s a bad fit for your kids – that it’s just sitting in front of a computer? Wrong! We’ll convince you that technology is fun. Our Sunday program is for everyone aged 6–16, and we can guarantee that you and your children will leave it with lots of new experiences and smiles on your faces.

Besides the toys your children will be able to try out, you’ll also find information on possibilities for tech education in Pilsen, and on juniors’ future possible careers. You too may have a little IT star at home. Come and find out!

The YoungHackers Program 2024

Sunday 10. 3. 2024, afternoon between 2 and 6 p.m, only in czech language



In cooperation with SVČ Radovánek

Robotics and electronics

  • You will learn how to program a modular wheeled robot.
  • You will learn about a drone that other kids have built.
  • You will Practice critical thinking with Lego Education and other electronic building blocks.
  • You'll experiment with the L connection on a non-soldering contact field.

In cooperation with Nvias

Minecraft to success
• You know Redstone logic circuits and Command_block programming.
• You will discover all the interesting things on the BridgeAcademy.eu Minecraft server.
• You will have the opportunity to try out the Minecraft projects that we will be working on during the summer camps.

Internet of Things IoT in Minecraft
• You will try IoTcraft - connecting real electronics with Minecraft.

Artificial intelligence
• How does the computer see the world and how can you use it?
• You will train your own artificial intelligence.
• You will try out language models.

In cooperation with VOŠ a SPŠE Plzeň

Robotics and Internet of Things when playing with Micro:bit

  • Micro:bit says: „Robot sit down!"
  • Micro:bit encryptor

Connecting the digital and real words in virtual and augmented reality

  • Come and experience how your world transforms when you add virtual elements to it
  • Play the escape game created by our students

In cooperation with G+SOŠ Rokycany

3D printing

  • Create your own key tag.


  • Bring Merkur to life by connecting it to Arduino.

In cooperation with Campo Arduino


  • Can you build a track for the robot?

In cooperation with Bav se vědou

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YoungHackers 2023



Moving Station Plzeň


A programming marathon and conference where you have a unique opportunity to get to know pros in the field and other enthusiastic people.


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