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Think IT’s a bad fit for your kids – that it’s just sitting in front of a computer? Wrong! We’ll convince you that technology is fun. Our Sunday program is for everyone aged 6–16, and we can guarantee that you and your children will leave it with lots of new experiences and smiles on your faces.

Besides the toys your children will be able to try out, you’ll also find information on possibilities for tech education in Pilsen, and on juniors’ future possible careers. You too may have a little IT star at home. Come and find out!

YoungHackers 2019



Moving Station Plzeň


A programming marathon and conference where you have a unique opportunity to get to know pros in the field and other enthusiastic people.

Registration will open in 2020.

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The Event Organiser We are programmers, developers, consultants, businessmen, researchers, students and teachers. Our centre of gravity lies in technologies. They’re not just our living; they entertain us too. And that’s why we do #AimtecHackathon.

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