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Moving Station, Pilsen

All you’ve got is 40 hours… and unlimited access to mentors and the internet. Create a project that will help people with disabilities. Take the first step. Register and arrive with your laptop and sleeping bag. Everything else – technologies, colleagues and mentors – will already be right there.

You’ll have a chance to try out technologies you’d hardly have a hope of using anywhere else, and to gain know-how simply and directly – and you can finally talk over your ideas with other people.

Don’t be fooled. #AimtecHackathon isn’t just about programming. Everyone who knows how to think tech and to work with hardware – or, say, graphics and UX – will find a place here. Come and try out what it’s like to work on a project in a team, what it means to present your results to a jury and other participants, and move yourself and others a little further.

When code helps...

What were the challenges like at #AimtecHackathon 2023, where you could help real people with your project?

Slowing down speech on TV

We ourselves don't even realise how fast speech is in news, movies and TV in general. People with limited sensory perception need a slower pace and clearer pronunciation to understand. Can you adapt your voiceover on TV to this?

Home navigation

Even a trip to the kitchen can be a trip into the unknown. A smart navigation system (ideally including a physical support) could help people with disabilities easily reach all the important places within their home. Can you think of ways to turn your apartment into a familiar and safe place to move around?  

Press the button without pressing it

The remote was created to make our jobs easier. But for quadriplegics who suffer from musculoskeletal paralysis, for example, even a button is insufficient help. What about customising the button or replacing it with voice control?

Rehabilitation through play in VR

Exercise is boring. But it tends to be even more important for wheelchair users or people with disabilities than for any of us. With rehabilitation, it is possible to get rid of phantom pain and strengthen muscles to compensate for the lack of movement. Let's create a virtual reality system full of statistics, tasks and smart goal tracking and turn an unpleasant necessity into fun.

Open Challenge

Do you have a friend or acquaintance in your area that you want to help?

Do you know about a barrier that people with disabilities often struggle with?

Participants could bring their own topic and elaborate on it.


for 2023

See what technologies we prepared.

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HackIt 2023 Schedule

FRIDAY 3. 3. 2023




Opening #AimtecHackathon 2023

17:20 Introduction of our challenges and stories behind them
18:00 Getting to know the techs and the toys; presentation of the mentors
19:00 Brainstorming and choosing of the topics, setting up the teams and consulting with the mentors
20:30 Dinner
SATURDAY 4. 3. 2023
7:00 Breakfast
8:00 Hacking
12:00 Lunch
14:00 TechTalks Presentations (only in Czech) and hacking
19:00 Dinner
SUNDAY 5. 3. 2023
7:00 Breakfast
8:30 The hacking ends!
9:30 Project presentation
12:00 The announcement of the jury awards and voting by the participants

You can look forward to the following technologies



Moving Station Plzeň


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