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All you’ve got is 40 hours… and unlimited access to mentors and the internet. Create a project that will help people with disabilities. Take the first step. Register and arrive with your laptop and sleeping bag. Everything else – technologies, colleagues and mentors – will already be right there.

You’ll have a chance to try out technologies you’d hardly have a hope of using anywhere else, and to gain know-how simply and directly – and you can finally talk over your ideas with other people.

Don’t be fooled. #AimtecHackathon isn’t just about programming. Everyone who knows how to think tech and to work with hardware – or, say, graphics and UX – will find a place here. Come and try out what it’s like to work on a project in a team, what it means to present your results to a jury and other participants, and move yourself and others a little further.

When code helps...

What challenge have you accepted in 2024?

Develop concentration and train movements through games 

When are you good at activities? When you're having fun! Help disabled Martin, who is disabled, to train his brain. Simplify playing a shooting game or football game so that he can control the game with one hand and still train his short-term memory. You can print him a special controller for games and other activities, for example using 3D printing.

Use pictures to communicate with autistic children 

Over a thousand children with autism are born in the Czech Republic every year. Help Sara create pictograms for the daily routine. Use AI, voice commands or a simple keyboard. Can you create an app in Czech for a cell phone or smartwatch?

Create apps for the blind

Do you ever wonder where you put your medical report or car insurance card? That would be even more difficult if you were blind. Create an app to helps blind Lukas find what he needs. You can also come up with solutions so that two blind people can easily find each other when they make an appointment in town.

Complete the map for cancer patients

The map, named Portal Xko, is an interactive platform that offers essential information about medical facilities, health centers, rehabilitation centers, and psychological support for cancer patients and their families. What is missing on the portal so far is a blog section and a shared calendar. If you have skills in PHP, your footprint can have a really wide reach.

Open Challenge

Do you have a friend or acquaintance in your area that you want to help?

Do you know about a barrier that people with disabilities often struggle with?

Participants could bring their own topic and elaborate on it.


for 2024

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HackIT 2024 Schedule

The AimtecHackathon is only in Czech.

FRIDAY 8. 3. 2024


Presence of participants


Opening #AimtecHackathon 2024

17:20 Introduction of our challenges and stories behind them
18:00 Getting to know the techs; presentation of the mentors
19:00 Setting up the teams and consulting with the mentors
20:00 Dinner
SATURDAY 9. 3. 2024
7:00 Breakfast
8:00 Hacking
12:00 Lunch
14:00 TechTalks Presentations and hacking
19:00 Dinner
SUNDAY 10. 3. 2024
7:00 Breakfast
9:30 Project presentation
12:00 The announcement of the jury awards and voting by the participants

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Moving Station Plzeň


A programming marathon and conference where you have a unique opportunity to get to know pros in the field and other enthusiastic people.


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