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Support an event where programmers help the disabled.
Change the world with your CSR activities. 

Partner offer

Main partner

  • Presentation on the web - logo, prolink on the web
  • Logo in the video - shared on Youtube
  • Placement of advertising leaflets in the event area
  • Opportunity to offer a small gift to all participants
  • 4 free tickets to TechTalks
  • Exhibition space in the foyer of the event
  • Placement of advertising banners/rollups in the event space
  • Advertising spot in plasma TV in the foyer
  • Quote of the representative in the press release
  • Introduction of the partner on social media and in the newsletter to participants


  • Presentation on the web - logo, prolink on the we
  • Logo in video - shared on Youtube
  • Placement of promotional flyers in the event space
  • 2 free tickets to TechTalks

Special partnerships: Coffee Partner, Soft Drink Partner, Beer Partner, Fresh Partner

How can you join in?

TechTalks Speaker 

  • Speak to a wide public.
  • Introduce your tech or initiative.
  • Share the experience which could help others.
  • Inspire!

Mentor for technology or IT field during the hackathon  

  • Get to the core of hacker projects.
  • Help young hackers with new technologies.
  • Be part of the birth of ambitious projects.
  • Enjoy the atmosphere of the hackathon!

Contact us

Petra Šteklová


Tel.: +420 702 174 366




The Event Organiser We are programmers, developers, consultants, businessmen, researchers, students and teachers. Our centre of gravity lies in technologies. They’re not just our living; they entertain us too. And that’s why we do #AimtecHackathon.

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