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TechTalks 2019

9 March 2019, Moving station Pilsen

Come and learn what’s shaking the world of tech. At the Saturday conference, you’ll enjoy presentations by IT professionals from leading technology firms and interesting startups. Absolutely everyone – students, parents, experts and laymen – is welcome among the audience.

This event’s cosy atmosphere will give you a unique opportunity to speak with the presenters both during and outside of their presentations. Don’t miss your chance to meet up with some of the best.

Participation is free for all #AimtecHackathon participants.

TechTalks Programme 2019

(Translation to English was available.)

9:00 Registrations & Refreshment
9:30 Upper Hall

print((„women“ in „programming“) == True) /CZ/

Radka Halířová, Filip Vaculík

From the enemy of computers and programming to the coach of Pilsen's Pyladies thanks to a random encounter on the bus stop. How this all happened?

10:15 Upper Hall

AI for Comprehension of Texts Generated by Clients /CZ/

Tomáš Brychcín

In this presentation, you will get a short introduction of SentiSquare and to computer text recognition. You will get to know what is possible to get from the text data and also some best practices.

11:00 Upper Hall/Cafe Coffee break
11:15 Upper Hall How Machine Learning Became Big in Cybersecurity /EN/

Petr Somol
We’ll tell the story of Cognitive Threat Analytics (CTA), a Cisco product with world-wide impact, that started as a project at FEL CVUT in 2008, later trasformed into a startup company, to be eventually acquired by Cisco in 2013. Heavily dependent on Machine Learning technology, the CTA cloud service outlines current trends in cybersecurity by implementing analysis techniques on big data of difficult properties. In the talk we will share multiple technical experiences with making Machine Learning techniques useful in production environment especially when the problems to be solved are unusually hard.

12:30 Cafe Lunch
13:30 Upper Hall Brief Introduction to AI, aka Future is Here /CZ/

Jan Tyl

Brief Introduction to AI, aka the future is here! Do you wanna know why is artificial intelligence such a megatrend? What is the difference between AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning? What can the AI already do today? How much money is in AI and what are convolutional nets? This and much more in our speech.

14:15 Upper Hall What Went Wrong in 2018 /CZ/

Jakub Urbanec
We will go through the latest mistakes in IT security in 2018 plus some new issues from the spring of this year.

15:00 Upper Hall What's New in AWS /CZ/

Zdeněk Bulan
We will go through new services of AWS and some interesting extensions of the current ones, introduces on the re:Invent 2018 conference. Because of the large number of new features, I will choose those for easy use on the Hackathon. I am also looking forward to curious and interesting questions from the attendees.

15:45 Cafe Networking and coffee break
16:15 Upper Hall How Do We Do Cloud in Samepage /CZ/

Jan Ježek

A few unwanted advice on architecture, development, and cloud application. The experience we have gained over the years of its operation and the many mistakes we have made.

17:00 Upper Hall How I Bought My Property Thanks to APIs /EN/

Milton Carranza
I wanted to buy the best property that would satisfy or exceed my needs while staying within the budget. In order to do so, I leveraged several APIs collecting data about public transport, traffic, noise and the properties themselves.
This helped to make a data-driven decision that would both support things that realtors usually tell you about the neighbourhood and discover the things they don’t. I will tell you how I did it and the lessons you should learn while designing, securing and documenting your APIs.

17:45 Upper Hall Kubernetes - Easily and Wrong /CZ/

Tomáš Kukrál
Kubernetes installation is trivial and running an application in it even easier. However, in this easy approach, a threat is hidden. In my speech, I will show you the biggest mistakes you can make when using Kubernets cluster and also how to fix them. Naturally, I will add funny stories from the development.

19:00 Cafe Networking & Refreshment




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